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Want Sudden Teen Positive Behaviour Change? Understand Number 1 Rule. Correction vs Criticism.

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Want quick behaviour change with your teenager?

Understand this number 1 Rule. The difference between Correction vs Criticism.

Every parent of teen at one time or another will need to correct their teenager's behaviour.

Unfortunately, due to the past parenting paradigm, many parents use criticism and cynicism in an attempt to correct their teenager's behaviour.

There is a difference between criticism and correction and understanding this and correcting rightly, can help you gain sudden positive behaviour change from your young person.

Criticism is attempt to correct behaviour using negative and defeating means.

Lasting and wholesome correction can only happen if the way we correct is done in a positive way, using positive means which ultimately achieve the required goal - correction.

Criticism is filled and lased with judgement and is often accompanied with condemnation, cynicism and crucifixion which only end up killing connections.

Criticism is correction done wrongly and it's confronting the issue in a negative way which ends up breaking the very connection that every parent wants with their teenager. Criticism knocks the teenager self esteem down instead of lifting it up. Criticism is harsh no matter how clothed in supposed softness it comes, and it harms the criticised as well as the criticiser. Criticism usually arises from a superiority and holier-than-thou attitude. Criticism simply kills connection.

Understand the difference between Correction vs Criticism can help you produce positive behaviour change with your teenager.

True correction is done with the end goal in mind - to make things better. It’s about restoration and rebuilding. Correction should be done gently and compassionately out of genuine concern and humility. Correction is beautiful and builds trusting relationships.

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