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At Raising Remarkable Teenagers,

We offer educational & empowering programmes and events  based on years of research and application so as to elevate and inspire parents to bring forth their leadership genius..

We are dedicated to help parents from all over the world experience mind shifts that positions then as influencers in their children’s lives.

How to raise highly effective and mentally healthy teenagers without losing your mind. 

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We can help you:

  • Feel more confident as a parent of teenagers.

  • Create calm in your home even with teenagers in it.

  • Be a more assertive parent of teenagers.

  • Achieve your parenting teenagers goals.

  • Restore and enjoy a positive relationship with your teenager.

If You Are Like Most Parents Of Teenagers, You Want To Reclaim & Restore The Good Times With Your Teenager.

No doubt there’s a time you enjoyed parenting

your little boy or your little girl.

However, like many parents, you have now come to a time called Teenage Years and these can be challenging. In fact many parents state that Teenage Years can be the most challenging times in parenting.

This is why?

The teenager is changing in massive massive ways. It is the biological changes in the brain and hormones that cause the changes in behaviour. I promise you teenagers are not out to get you, punish you or hate you. These changes in their brain are ruling the roost and that’s why you observe irrationality, irritability and impulsiveness.

Good News!

With the right strategies teenagers can learn to express openly and safely and to self regulate and manage their behaviour. We teach you parenting tips for managing teenagers behaviour and when you practice these and your teenager adopts these health of expressing behaviour, you are bound to  experience the most rewarding relationship with them time in your life.

Strong and powerful parents have learnt to seek support because they realise  there is no shame in asking for support to help teenager navigate teenage hood successfully. In fact successful people in any area of life have coaches and mentors who walk alongside them to support and cheer them as they do their job.

Working with an experienced mentor and coach can help you get to a strong and influential position in your teenager's life  and make long-lasting positive and powerful changes.


It could be that you feel your relationship with your teenager has broken permanently or you have no or little confidence left in parenting your teenager.  Working with a mentor can help you restore this confidence and courage and shift things around


Our Coaching & Mentoring Programs Are For You If WANT TO:



These following are the main parenting goals that we support parents to achieve in our Raising Remarkable Teenagers programs.

Raise respectful teenager?

Raise responsible teenager

Raise resilient teenager?

Raise robust teenager?

Raise radiant teenager

Let us know if you would like us help you!


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Time to get to know your mentor and coach


My name is Angela Karanja founder of Raising Remarkable Teenagers, your coach and mentor. I am a child psychologist, educator, researcher and a parent of teenagers.  


You are here because you know there are answers to restoring your relationship with your teenager.You also know that you can always better what you you are doing at the moment.

Now let me assure you there’s nothing wrong with you or your teenager. Just that changes are happening within them and most likely you feel your teenager has unproductive, unhelpful and challenging behaviour and you need some solutions to this.

My aim is to help you find practical ways to navigate through this time that usually is trying and filled with  tension and turmoil,  and help and support you to arrive at a place where you and your teenager can enjoy a wholesome relationship.

There are several ways we can work together.

  • One to one

  • In a group

  • Online resources

  • Ask Angie Weekly Sessions 

Our  teaching material is based on research and practical wisdom. My aim is to empower you to reach your parenting teenagers goals..


I aim to develop and enhance your ability and capacity to make the changes required to be the best parent you can to your teenager. I help you improve your parenting and relationship with your teenager by helping you shift mindset whilst keep your eye on the goals that you have set

I want to help you move from hoping, to believing that it is possible to make it possible. I apply a  person centered approach to support you towards achieving a healthy and successful relationship with your teenager.


So if you are feeling confused about the parenting teenagers tactics and strategies that you are using now, are confused or just don’t know what else to do and are sick and tired of the tension and turmoil or even living in fear 

of your teenager please make sure to contact me ASAP.

Common with all parents of teenager is that we have a deep deep desire to see positive changes in our teenagers' lives and  have a calm family.  



Parents who achieve the biggest and most success and changes in themselves and their teenagers are those ready and willing to implement the suggestions and strategies offered in these sessions.

I welcome you to work with me if any of these common problems of parents of teenagers resonate with you.


  • Feel your teenager lacks respect?

I will show you how to you can influence them, reform and transform them to a respectful teenager.


  • Feel your parenting teenagers tactics and practices are toxic after being passed on from earlier generations?

We will work on changing and renewing your mind, determining and adopting a new way forward and changing the game.

  • Do you feel stuck in constant power struggles and unproductive arguments?

I will show you how to you can transform that to healthy negotiations, assertive conversations and positive outcomes.

  • Do you feel your teenager is difficult, overbearing and entitled?

I will show you how to encourage and endorse freedom to your teenager whilst helping them understand privileges and responsibility.

  • Excessive problematic behaviour and unnecessary risk taking?  

I will show you how you can encourage and empower your teenager to take risks, prepare and plan for them and evaluate consequences and support them in doing so.  ​

  • Does your teenager seem unmotivated and have an attitude of "I can’t be asked or whatever"?

I will show you how to communicate effectively with your teenager so that they understand that their life is their responsibility but you are willing to support them, however you are not dependent on their success or failure.


  • Do you feel emotionally and physically drained with little or no energy left at the end of your day?

I will show you how you can reclaim yourself, love and care for yourself even if you are parenting teenagers, regain your power, position and emotional strength.

In addition, there are so many other ways we can support you in your very important role of Raising Remarkable Teenagers .

Or subscribe below to receive our free training before making any decisions.

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