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Session 1

First Video

You Learn: 

  • The impact and inspiration you will be to your Teen as a Transformational Parent.

  • How distinctly different Transformational Parenting is from the more practised  short-sighted and disempowering transactional parenting.

  • 4 distinct characteristics of transformational parenting that you can start practising straight away to empower yourself and your teenager. 

  • You will discover and ditch some popular parenting tactics you may be practising and hindering your teenager from excelling because they are mostly(transactional parenting), which although practised by even the most loving parents, are short-sighted and disempowering (but they don’t know otherwise).

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Session 2

Second Video You Learn

  • 3 Outstandingly Powerful but Fundamentally Basic Skills that every Transformational Parent has(which can be easily learnt).

  • How when you become a Transformational Parent you will empower and elevate your teen's level of mental maturity and personal development.

  • How becoming a Transformational Parent will help you support your teenager develop the 5 Habits of highly effective and successful teenagers.


Session 3

Third Video

You Learn

  • 3 Simple Steps To Shift Your Mindset To A Transformational Parenting Paradigm (Mindset).

  • 5 Incredibly Powerful, Practical Strategies of Transformational Parenting.

  • The support available to help and propel you to success in your becoming a Transformational Parent.

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