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Parenting Young People Who Have Down Syndrome, with Penny Kiringa.

This conversation is brought to you by Angela Karanja, lead adolescent psychologist and parenting teenagers expert at Raising Remarkable Teenagers.

Today's conversation is on Successfully Parenting Young People Who Have Down Syndrome. Our esteemed guest Penny Kiringa is an executive working mom, chairlady of T21 and a mother of a young person born with Down Syndrome.

  • Penny's passion comes through as she presents what exactly Down syndrome is.

  • The challenges facing parents of young people with Down Syndrome.

  • What must change for the society to truly support young people with down syndrome and the parents.

  • Practical support for parents of young people with additional needs.

  • What can we teach and model to our young people who haven't got this condition, so they can be inclusive and integrative, kind and considerate to young people who are different from them?

The episode is raw, real talk and uncut! Because at Raising Remarkable Teenagers we know real and vulnerable is what connects us all as humans and that's exactly what Raising Remarkable Teenagers movement is all about and we encourage parents to be real too.

For how can we teach our kids to be real when we cannot and are not?


I encourage you to grab a coffee and just listen.

For 2 reasons...There's a gift for all who listen and then answers a few simple.

the information is just phenomenal and exactly what all parents need to hear so that we can all live in a cohesive society, one that appreciate diversity and everyone is included.

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Angela Karanja is an adolescent psychologist, parenting teens expert and youth empowerment coach.

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