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It Takes A Village To Raise A Teen.

Updated: May 31, 2021

It takes A Village To raise A Teen.

Back in October, I gave a gift for all the parents of teens who went through the Transformational Parenting Masterclasses. This time I am inviting for a another FREE 5 DAY PARENTING TEENS WISDOM CHALLENGE.

This time I team up with Coach Helen another internationally acclaimed teenagers coach and we have another surprise (again) internationally acclaimed coach.

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It covers the following 4 Important Points on parenting teenagers and the importance of the village (society support).

1.All Parents Need Support (No Matter Who You Are)

2.Advantages of Community & Support When Parenting Teenagers.

3.What Stops Parents Seeking For Support.

4.How To Never Feel Ashamed Or Guilty For Seeking For Support.

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Truly, it takes a village to raise teens.

With so many parents extra busy, parenting has become ever more challenging. It's a paradox though that whilst doing the most Noble and hardest jobs in the world, most parents attempt to go it alone. Maybe it's a shame or the guilt of asking for help; who knows. But one thing we know for sure is this; no one gets a medal for struggling. Unfortunately, the idea of seeking support is shamed and scorned upon and almost nearly disappeared yet this is a time we need that support most. Think about teenage years especially. Bear in mind the massive changes that teenagers are undergoing, the mayhem, the havoc, the hormones.

Parenting teenagers is daunting and difficult. A task no one is ever fully prepared for. More than ever, parenting in teenage years, support is not only warranted but deeply deeply desired and appropriate. So, don't struggle alone. As I said before no one gets a medal for struggling alone or struggling the hardest whilst parenting teenagers.

The mindset though that it’s your job to do it alone, or you don't need anyone's help is the very cause of so much stress and suffering among parents. And as can probably guess, stressed parents are unlikely to make great and productive parents to their teenagers. In fact, they might indeed be doing more harm than good. When you are burnt out you have nothing to give. Your creative juices are squeezed, squashed and dried out. I have often noticed in myself and in other parents that when we are in such stressed states, that’s when our teenagers think we are boring and useless to them (could they have a point?). However, this is not to say that we cannot know and learn new ways.

That’s exactly why we are here to learn to be more fulfilled parents and raise highly effective teenagers. To be of impact, inspiration and influence on our young people.

1. All Parents Need Support (No Matter Who You Are).

Here is a quote by a British royalty Kate Middleton;

“Parenting is hard enough without letting prejudices stop us from asking for the help that we need for ourselves and for our kids”

That's why from the onset I said all parents need support no matter who you are. See, there’s royalty acknowledging that as parents we need support no matter who we are.

Here at Raising Remarkable Teenagers we know that no one has to do it alone and no one actually ever succeeds alone. The truth is, we are all in the same boat. So, there is no judgement, no airs. We understand what parents are going through with their teens. We are all parents of teens. We can empathise with what others are going through and we have a supportive environment. This is the village. The village it takes to raise wholesome teens. The village we have built for ourselves, a safe village and you can join us and experience a supportive environment.

We are all doing our best to help our teenagers navigate this strange season they are in. I believe we all want to complete parenting successfully and sanely. In our Transformational Parenting masterclasses, you learn concepts and skills that will imbue you with confidence to enable you to raise highly effective teenagers.

Teenagers who are Respectful, Responsible, Resilient, Robust, Radiant.

2.Advantages of Community & Support When Parenting Teenagers.

❖ With the support of a safe community you are likely to improve your own mental wellness and general wellbeing and therefore transfer these benefits to your teenager.

❖ In psychology and social psychology, we know that parents with supportive systems build safe connections and develop skills that enable and empowers them to manage themselves better and therefore parent better. Thus they become influential, impactful and inspiring to their teenagers.

3.What Stops Parents Of Teens Seeking For Support?

❖ Most of the time it is the shame and prejudices and guilt of asking for help.

❖ The individualistic society we live in where no one wants to ask for help so they assume no one will be willing to offer help.

❖ The misconception that you are supposed to know what to do anyway. So, you wing it and as you wing it, you are met with frustrations and you don’t know what to do.

❖ Parenting teenagers is daunting and a difficult task. Often, parents assume no one will understand what they are going through.

❖ Sometimes you have struggled so much you feel there’s no point doing anything now. (The truth is changes can be made anytime you decide it’s time to make a change.)

❖ The stress and suffering you may have gone through can cloud your thinking and bash your self-esteem as a parent.

❖ The burn out has got you to a point where creative juices are dried; you feel there’s no hope.

4.How To Never Feel Ashamed Or Guilty For Seeking For Support.

❖ I want you to imagine for a moment being in a community of people who truly get you.

❖ People who are parents of teenagers, who are real and genuine about the issues affecting our teenagers and young people.

❖ Parents who are able to discuss real life occurrences plus share solutions available. Solutions that have worked for them and those that haven’t.

❖ Parents who become your true friends.

❖ An empathetic community where you are encouraged, cheered on, given pats on your back, an uplifting smile when you share the meltdowns that your teenager just had, or the nasty stuff your teenager just said to you.

❖ A safe space that allows and acknowledges that we are all different and we parent in different ways, yet our ultimate goal is to raise teenagers who have the 5 Habits of highly Effective Teenager. The 5Rs mentioned earlier

❖ A community where we don’t get hung up on differences. Instead we utilise converging concepts that serve us. For example, when it comes to consequences, we follow the DRRED formulae, and not argue on the nitty gritty of exactly how you do it. Because we understand that every young person is unique, every situation is unique, every family is unique, and the parent has a choice.

❖ Imagine being in a community where parenting teens strategies are not an all size fits all solution and parents are empowered to take charge. In such a community you ditch the blame, shame and guilt and you become a Transformational Parent. That is what we are offering you an opportunity to experience. And that’s why you want to come to FREE Transformational Parenting Masterclasses.

If you have any questions, please contact me on the email provided in the contact area.

I have one favour to ask of you, please share this blog post with other parents of teenagers too. We want all parents of teens to know they are not alone, and that appropriate support is available. No one has to do it alone. No one need wait until they are burnt out, at a point of no return.

We can connect and commune with the right supportive systems now.

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Contact with any additional questions.

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