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Do You Want To Motivate Your Teenager To Be Highly Effective?

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Do you want your teenager to be motivated?

Do you want your teenager take positive action?

Does your teenage lack motivation?

Do You Want To Motivate Your Teenager To Be Highly Effective?

Chances are you know deep down that your teenager can do better and they can be better, yet, they seem uninterested in taking actions that can propel them to success and higher effectiveness.

Here are some good news to get your teenager to be motivated

If you want your teenager to be motivated and take positive action, follow these 3Cs.

With these 3 simple psychological concepts, you can activate and appeal to that part of your teenager's brain that is gets them motivated.

How these 3Cs work to motivate teenagers

The elements in this 3C cycle trigger and activate the brain parts that excites your young person's centre for motivation, this then incentivises them to take the positive action that is going to propel them towards positive productivity and higher effectiveness.

The 3C cycle of motivation for your teenager comprise of:

  1. Connect.

  2. Communicate.

  3. Celebrate .


#1 C of motivating your teenager to take positive action.

Parents of teenagers often assume that teenagers don't need the same love and connection they needed when they were younger. This is mainly because teenagers pull away at this stage. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Research continues to show us that connection remains a basic need for young people. When we connect with our teenagers they feel the love and we fulfil that basic need.

You and I know what happens when people feel loved;- they step up to the mark even do things that are exceptional.


#2 C of motivating your teenager to be highly effective.

As parents of teenagers we can learn to lean in and listen. Be aware of what is important to this young person. The demands being made on them by their peers, their teachers and the whole world. We need to lean in and listen to how they feel that they can be a contribution to the world.

Listening and leaning-in (not lecturing) can highly motivate the teenager. When young people feel listened to, they feel valued and this motivates them to be productive.


#3 of motivating your teenager to take positive action.

Every teenager no matter what has something to be celebrated. If each parent each educator looks in we can find something to praise to celebrate. Teenagers have strengths that we can hone into and celebrate.

When people feel celebrated, when people are praised, they are motivated to be more, do more and become better because that part of the brain the Striatum (the reward centre) loves being praised and loves the rewards. Therefore, when you praise your young person, they feel appreciated and this can motivate them to be more productive and step up.

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