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The 5 Habits Of Highly Effective Teenagers.

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Independent and respectful teenagers!! That's what most parents of teens wish for and most stop at that.

But what if I told you that there are

5 Habits Of Highly Effective Teenagers

and that these 5Rs you can actually catapult your teenager to a higher level, a level higher than independent, a level that we as psychologist called interdependence?

That means you can actually have a teenager who is not only independent but has moved higher and transcended to a level we call interdependence.

A level where they are highly effective and operating at top effectiveness and are successful members of the Society.

Yes!!! That can happen when teens attain these 5Rs habits of highly effective teenagers.

So, what are these 5 habits of highly effective teenagers?







Let's go through these 5Rs so you can see how they will not only help your young person become independent, but transcend and catapult them to a level higher than independence; the level I am calling interdependence

Before we go ahead, I just want to introduce myself briefly

Intro::::: I am Angie, your friend, adolescent psychologists, parenting teenagers expert

Now back to the 5Rs habits of highly effective teenagers

These are teenagers who know who they are, their value their magnificence; and now in the knowing of their value and their magnificence, they have high respect for themselves and in the same breath respect every human being and every living being including you as their parent.

This goes beyond please and thankyou

These are young people who know and own their thoughts feelings and actions.

Why is this important? When your young person owns their thoughts feelings and actions, they no longer have to blame anyone or anything for their actions they learn how to take the correct actions and also learn how to face the consequences of those actions.

These are young people no matter what they face; and they know that will face loads of challenges because life is full of challenges, they bounce back. They have that mental ability and mental capacity and tenacity be able to bounce back .

These are Young people who have a set of values and this system drives them, a value system on which their decisions are made.

Let's give an example.

Imagine your young person is among a mob of other young people. This young people’s mob mentality is that they want to bully another young person or another person.

The value system your young person has is that of kindness, so they are driven by kindness. Because of that value system they decide not to do that evil thing that everyone is doing because they are being driven from the point of kindness

These are young people who own their power and in owning their power they show up just like the sun. They show up, they shine, and they emit light onto others. They allow others to shine too. we know they are magnificent but they also allow others to be as magnificent.

I hope now you can see how these 5Rs habits of highly effective teenagers can help your teenager go beyond not only being independent, but become interdependent which is the highest form of existence.

As mentioned earlier you as a parent has the potential to catapult your young person to not only become independent but to becoming interdependent.

So how can you do that?

This is where I introduced the framework called the 3Ms of influence.

This is a framework of influence where you become a model and mentor and a motivator.

Here's the kicker though;

Most parents of teenagers in fact you would agree with me that most of us who are parents of teenagers know that many times teenagers do not listen to us.

question is so how we can teach these 5Rs or anything else if they don't listen to us.

See in teenage years our kids come to a point where they do not listen.

The reason they don't listen to us is because they do not trust us, and they do not think that we are credible influencers.

And only by becoming credible influences can we then teach them these 5 habits of highly effective teenagers and help them attain that level I'm calling interdependence.

So, the question for you now is, would you like your teenager to actually listen to you?

If your answer is yes, I am inviting you to a free webinar.

Free 60 minutes masterclass where I will show you;

Because it's by your teenager listening to you that you will be able to imbue and teach them these habits of highly effective teenagers’.

Habits that will move them beyond independent to higher levels that we call interdependence, they are functioning as highly effective and successful members of the Society.

So, go ahead here and click on this link here and let's meet on the free webinar.

Say yes and let's do this!!

Begin your journey to empowering your teenager to become a highly effective teenager today by learning how to influence the so they actually want to listen to you.

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