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Eventually, Teen Bullies Do Get Beat The Big Blow.

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Do you think teen bullies get away with it?

When we mention teenage bullying, most people only imagine the poor teen victims who suffer under the nastiness of awful bullies. These poor victims most often continue to suffer way after the bullying has stopped, haunted by the memories of the bullying episodes.

Bullying is cruel, definitely not kind! It contributes to victims developing all sorts of physical and mental illness. There’s no doubt that bully victims are terribly affected mentally, physically, psychologically, socially, and even academically.

Effects of bullying on the victim are truly adverse .

That’s why appropriate actions and measures against all bully behaviour must continuously be put in place to minimise these occurrences in schools, online and other meeting places where our teens are targeted.

BUT did you know that the bully, yes that “Big I Am” even when they appear to have gone unpunished, they actually do not walk away scot-free?

In fact, they do get beat badly!

They suffer big blows too.

There is a strong link between bully behaviour and substance misuse (Arcadepani et al and Ttofi et al.) More evidence continue to show that bullies are twice as likely than non-bullies to abuse substance and abuse themselves later in their lives. It’s also not surprising that teen bullies end up having more violent and offending futures, thus hindering, and compromising their personal progress.

Bullies don’t go unpunished!

They are more likely than non-bullying peers to suffer with depression, low self-esteem, suicidal ideations, mental and physical problems ( Sourander et al,)

While these bullies may have been the “big I am” with higher status and popularity (Reijntjes et al) this is only short lived. When school is over, they lose their big stage, then move on to abuse substance and abuse their own bodies.

Now, for parents whose teens have been victims, you may be rejoice and be tempted to think “yep let these bullies suffer these stupid swine!” Let them suffer because of the pain they have inflicted on the victims!

Unfortunately, bullies’ sufferings and ailments does not help anyone or relief anything, it only adds heavily to the global burden of disease.

Everyone loses!

Both the perpetrators and the victims.

That’s why it’s so important for us to speak to our teens about the value of self-respect.

When a teenager has respect for themselves (self-respect) they have no need to disrespect another or subject another to any form of suffering so as to elevate themselves.

We need to help our teenagers gain self-respect. See, when we don’t teach our teens to have that deep respect for self and for other forms of life including their peers, they result to bullying as their fix of power; they bully others and cause others to suffer to gain a high and a a feeling of power. And when their short power span is over, they turn to attacking themselves, they begin to injure themselves. Eventually, Teen Bullies Do Get Beat The Big Blow.

And now we have to bear this burden as a society.

The burden of depressed victims and the burden of depressed perpetrators.

Bullies don't get away with it really. They pay with their own mental health burden, but it also costs the society big time.

Teaching teens true respect towards self facilitates and empowers self-love and care, and this inevitably oozes to others.

Respect is one of the 5 habits of highly effective teenagers. The other 4 are Responsible, Resilient, Robust and Radiant. Every parent and educator can learn about them plus learn how to help their young person acquire these 5 habits of highly effective teenagers.

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