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6 Rumours in my black community about #COVID19 jab, 4 reasons why I am taking it anyway.

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Although rumours are rife in my black community about this #covidvaccine oooh, I have my 4 heart centred reasons why as a black ethnic minority woman, (super healthy at that), I am taking the #COVID19 vaccine, regardless of being labelled a fool.

You’ve probably heard in the news and in research how especially black ethnic minority are shunning the #COVID-19 jab. I have not only heard this in the news, but firsthand heard it in my own community, with my own ears. Raw & Real!

So, before I tell you why I am taking the the jab and have even been called a fool for this decision by my own brothers and sisters from the jab resistant community, let me give you some background information and reasons why my people are vaccine-resistant.

I'll tell you some reasons I have heard firsthand from my black brothers and sisters as they vehemently defend their hesitance and resistance towards the #covidvaccine.(even when it is being provided FREE).

Although I belong to a very integrated group of family and friends, sort of “United Nations of Oxford, actually Banbury, people of different colours, beliefs and background, I am so in touch with my black heritage.

So, my dear friend calls me and after a few chit chats here and there, the question comes “are you going to take the COVID-19 vaccine?”

ME: Absolutely yes. I said confidently.

That’s the moment I was instantly labelled a fool.

Now, because I know I am not a fool, I enquired why do you say that, why do you call me a fool?

It was as if friend had prepared a bag of answers, in the form of rumours, friend started after another like Mary Poppin!

#Rumour 1: #COVID19 VACCINE.

FRIEND: You don’t know the UK government is trying to finish ethnic minorities?

ME: But that can’t be true because they’re starting with people over 80s and most of those invited are white people. I knew that because my own father-in-law a 91-year-old white man was due his first jab. I later joked with father and said to him “you must be black because the vaccine is apparently designed to wipe out black people.” Like the funny guy he is even with his hard of hearing he said to me, I’d be happy to take one for you sister from another mister… we laughed.

#Rumour 2 unleashed after I told FRIEND that father was white and scheduled for the #covid19vaccine.

FRIEND: Of course, they are trying to get rid of the old people to lessen the burden of looking after them.

ME: Shocked to my guts. “That would be very unethical” I said. "Killing old people so they don’t have to take care of them, that would be a rotten system for sure".

Quickly, I was hit with a response.

FRIEND: White people throughout history have been so unethical. You don’t understand the history of slaves because they never captured slaves from Kenya. Friend went on to tell of experimentations on African women and a video was instantly shared with me explaining and depicting how Dr Sims operated on black women for years with no anaesthesia stating that black people don’t feel pain.

By this time, rumour number 3 you can imagine I am almost losing the will to live!

But, I interjected, why is this same government giving the #covid19vaccine to 20 something to 50 something year old doctors?(to try and counteract the killing old people rumour). I quoted the names of friends of mine who are doctors and nurses. Some who are mutual friends with this FRIEND. The fact that some of the names mentioned were those of white friends didn’t matter.

#Rumour number 4 was unleashed.

FRIEND: Believe me they want to wipe especially black immigrant doctors; didn’t you see how they killed them during the first corona outbreak.

ME: "no one killed the black doctors, they caught the virus".

FRIEND quickly answered; yes! because they sent them to the front line with no proper PPE and forced them to go to work while they kept their own(white doctors) home.

By this time, you can imagine I am feeling defeated.

But I felt the need to keep going for the sake of my brother and sisters, Ooooooh.

I said, now the vaccine is here, and I know you were among the people praying day and night for a cure. Do you not view the vaccine as an answer to all those prayers, because I do?

#Rumour 5 unleashed. This is definitely not from God. If anything, we are being altered and microchipped. There’s no way these people have good plans for us. The jab is to finish black people, finish us completely.

By this time, my mouth is wide open. The conviction in FRIEND'S voice is palpable.

Although gob smacked, I throw in another question.

ME: Isn’t God the one who gave these scientists and doctors the wisdom to develop this vaccine?

FRIEND: No way this is from God. they said almost shouting!!

I am now struggling to squeeze in a word but still I do.

ME: Do you realise that it’s a young black woman Dr Corbett who was and is at the forefront of developing the #covid19vaccine what have you got to say about that.

#Rumour 6 unleashed.

FRIEND: No, no way. That is not a black woman can’t you even tell from her name.

ME: She is a black woman and I have seen her on news…

No! FRIEND says affirmatively… even if she is black in skin colour, she is one of those whitewashed generation that have lost their culture.

That’s when I realised this conversation was going nowhere.

Attempts to steer and softly encourage pro-vaccination were like forcing a bull through the eye of a needle..

That’s the day I decided I will no longer engage in conversations pro or against vaccine or try to dismantle the myths (because they are deep, deep rooted and diversified).

Instead, I decided I will lead by the quality of my own example.

Leading by the quality of my own example is a value that I use a lot in my line of work as an adolescent psychologist and parenting teens expert.

I am a relatively healthy person and when I was invited for the jab as a frontline worker, I had no second thoughts!

Here’s the reason I am taking the jab even though I am from a jab resistant community. Firstly, I have read the research from credible sources that point to the fact that the jab is safe.

But more importantly, I have 4 heart centered reasons why as a black ethnic minority I am taking the #COVID19vaccination.

By taking the covid19 jab I am being kind in 4 ways.


By taking the jab I am being kind to myself. I am looking after my health, which is a particularly important aspect to me. When I am healthy, I am happy and able to live life fully and fulfillingly.


By taking the jab l am being loving to my family, friends and being considerate to the more vulnerable members of the community. When I am healthier, I am unlikely to infect them. For example, I’ll be safer around my 91-year father-in-law and other people I work with and for. Even people that I meet out and about. And when more of us are vaccinated, we can then go out safely and lead more fulfilling lives.


When I am immunized, I am unlikely to be infected and/or affected dangerously by the virus. I don’t have to laden the system with an illness that is preventable, I won’t have to be hospitalised. I’d rather nurses and doctors are looking after people who have other more grievous illnesses, non-preventable illnesses, and emergencies.

KIND to the future generations. All through history, we’ve had people who were first to take vaccinations, even trials, from which we are now benefiting. So, for the sake of future generations, I am taking the leap. I’ll pay it forward and give this as a gift not only to myself but to future generations.

I will lead with kindness; I will take the covid-19 jab.


Now, as a psychologist and one deeply involved neuro-psychology and metacognition of behaviour and mindset change, the conversation with my friend reminded me how when we don't resolve and process negative energies and flush them from within our neuro and nervous system, we store them as negative beliefs and continue to hold these against certain members of the community.

These beliefs then rear their ugly heads in un-seemingly and unlikely situations and continue to sabotage our progress.

Now I am not minimising some horrendous and traumatic experiences that black people in the society have been subjected to all through history, what I am saying is that we need to move into wisdom. Yes, take note of those experiences so we know them so well and can call them out, learn from them and not allow them to be repeated. (and how fortunate we are to be living at a time where we have true white allies). What we cannot continue to do is allow those memories; especially those negatively charged negative emotions constrict our progress today. For what we will have done in the refusal to let go is entered another mode of slavery, one of our own making the mental slavery.


#COVID19 has had adverse direct and collateral effects on our young people, How can we help our young people dissolve the trapped trauma experience so they can have positive outcomes?

Contact with any additional questions.

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