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Attention Executive Mom.

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In Just 60 Minutes You Will Know How To...

01: Avoid 3 COMMON BIG MISTAKES that are keeping executive moms disconnected from their teens:- mistakes that leave teens vulnerable to crime, drugs, sex exploitation & mental health problems.

02:QUICKLY SPOT THE PARENT - TEEN DISCONNECT, completely turn this around, develop rapport and gain that INFLUENTIAL EDGE that leads to enjoying DEEP meaningful connection with your teen.

03: Eliminate the The NUMBER 1 REASON why your teenager doesn't listen to you or even respect us, how to change this, gain credibility and become an impactful, honoured and respected parent by your teenager.(This saved my relationship with my teen and has worked for hundreds other parents from around the world.)

Hi, I'm Angela Karanja,

Adolescent Psychologist,

 Parenting Teenagers Expert,

and Your Friend.

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If You Truly Desire To:

  • Influence & Impact Your Teen

  • Build Strong Bonds With Your Teen

  • Enjoy A  Harmonious Relationship With Your Teen

Then YOU Want To Come To This FREE Masterclass.

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