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Ever Wondered How To End Those

 Terrifying Teenage Tantrums?

Stay with me as I share EXACTLY HOW. 

Not Only Will The Tantrums End,

Rudeness Will Be Exterminated Altogether!

No Doubt You Want Your Teenager To Transform To A

Respectful, Responsible, Resilient, Robust and Radiant Teenager.



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My name is Angela Karanja, child psychologist, educator, researcher, and parent. As a professional who has worked with teenagers for over 20 years, trust me I know teenagers can be a right pain, but I also know, handled with the right strategies, they can be a joy. 

Now, allow me to briefly explain those terrifying teenage tantrums. Please Note: I am not saying that teenage tantrums are pleasant, neither am I excusing that despicable behaviour. In fact, I am the first one to say it is unacceptable!! Absolutely unacceptable. But hear me out, I need for us to understand that the teenage brain is changing and changing massively, which affects their behaviour massively hence their nasty streak! The GOOD NEWS is at this stage we can help transform these youngsters into Respectful, Responsible, Resilient, Robust and Radiant teenagers!

Let’s be honest, as parents we all have a deep desire to raise teenagers who are respectful, responsible,resilient, robust and radiant. The truth is, parenting teenagers for many many parents and educators, including myself,  is the most challenging time of all. But listen, after working with teenagers for over 20 years I have some good news to share with you.

Raising Remarkable Teenagers

is not only a possibility,

but it has become a reality for many families

like this parent here,

and it can be a reality for you too!

There is something I already know about you that is different from many other parents out there. You are different and you just don’t sit, wait and hope that your  teenager turns out alright. One of the greatest scientific mind of the twentieth century, Albert Einstein said

“Nothing happens until something moves". Right there you know what I mean when I say you are different and I am proud of you because you are taking steps to learn what you can do today, to get on your way to Raising Remarkable Teenagers.

That's why you found us and are reading this and we can make Raising Remarkable Teenagers a reality for you and your teenager. So, we are inviting you to say yes to our program Raising Remarkable Teenager.

Raising Remarkable Teenagers.










Parenting teenagers requires parents to go to a whole new level, a whole new league!  That's why I am inviting you to say yes to our program Raising Remarkable Teenager. This is no ordinary parenting program. It is specifically for parenting teenagers because teenagers pose a whole new different set of challenges for parents. So Say YES by CLICKING HERE TO JOIN. When  you join us today we have fabulous bonuses that will blow your mind.

I am already feeling excited for you. Have a look at what other parents are saying.

"My Johan was disengaged from the whole family, all he did was lock himself in his room. In simple terms, you, made me understand what was happening in his brain and why this behaviour. I explained to him that I understood how his frontal lobes were changing. We connected. The strategies you shared helped me rebuild my relationship with my son as a teenager, just as he is…I can’t believe we can now have wholesome conversations with  my son. You’ve given me my Johan back"


Angie, I can’t thank you enough because the route my daughter was going you’d probably be going to see her in prison. Now my daughter laughs and engages in family discussion. The strategy you gave me to allow her to choose and organise when she did her chores seemed to her given her power back and I think she feels more valued.


The truth is parenting and working with teenagers is no joke. Chances are if nothing is done, we end up with strained and raptured relationships which can affect both the parent and young people's mental well-being. As a psychologist, educator and parent,  I can tell you it gives me great joy when I hear how relationships between parents and teenagers have been saved and secured!  I know that although  there is no manual for bringing up children, there are research based strategies and proven practical tools that can make parenting teenagers more manageable and successful in their efforts to raising remarkable teenagers.

So today, I am inviting you  you join us here.  You Will Be Joining  A Completely Different Class Of Parents. On Purpose To Raising Remarkable Teenagers. Teenagers Who Are Massively Empowered & Unlimited. These Parents Not Just Going Through The Motions. But, They Are Using Research Based, Practical Wisdom & Ideas To Raise Young People Who Are




These Parents Know Kids Don’t Come With A Manual.Therefore Parenting Teenagers Requires The Use Research Based, Practical Wisdom & Ideas. Join Today And Gain Access To Cutting Edge Parenting Information, Support & Fun In This Journey Of Raising Remarkable Teenagers. 

Join This Completely Different Class Of Parents Today. Because We know Parenting teenagers requires parents to go to a whole new level, a whole new league! Say yes to Raising Remarkable Teenager today you gain access for only £59 for a program that is usually £200. Here Is Your Deal Plus Your Bonuses..

Raising Remarkable Teenagers

See what Marianne from  Basingstoke, England  had to say;

You showed me how to communicate with them clearly and only get involved if conversations are safe and calm. I kept to that. Now my two sons know that if they are shouting, making demands or throwing tantrums, I am not available. However, I am open for any request or conversations if they are calm and kind. This home is so much more peaceful and I am no longer afraid of them. Gosh, you know I lived in terror-Marianne

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mock-00059 (5).png

Raising Remarkable Teenagers Program is a 6 module online program designed to be delivered over 6 weeks, although you can use it at your own pace

  1. Week 1: Introduction To Raising Remarkable Teenagers

  2. Week 2: Raising Respectful Teenagers

  3. Week 3: Raising Responsible Teenagers

  4. Week 4: Raising Resilient Teenagers

  5. Week 5: Raising Robust Teenagers

  6. Week 6: Raising Radiant Teenagers



  1. Raising Respectful Teenagers

  2. Raising Responsible Teenagers

  3. Raising Resilient Teenagers

  4. Raising Robust Teenagers

  5. Raising Radiant Teenagers

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Join Other Happy Parents

Who have BenefitedFrom Our Programs 

Our vision is to help you become a more successful parent and raise highly effective teenagers.As stipulated by law, we cannot, and do not, make any guarantees about your ability to get results with our methods ideas, information, tools or strategies. Results are entirely dependent and completely up to the individual person's level of awareness and the action taken..


Outcomes mentioned or referenced in any of our web pages are what other parents and young people have achieved. Please know that we only recommend programs that we truly believe in, and happily share with friends and family.


We believe in you, and we are here to support , mentor and coach you in making the changes you want for your life and family by giving you methods, strategies, and ideas that will help move you in the direction of your life and parenting goal.

Raising Remarkable Teenagers will not be responsible for any errors or omissions or any results obtained from the use of this information. All information in this site is provided "as is", with no guarantee of completeness, accuracy, timeliness or of the results obtained from the use of this information.

The programs provided are for information and educational purposes only and not meant to replace any medical or professional advice.

We however still want you to enjoy using the programs and share your successes and challenges.

Contact us and our support team HERE

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