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Your Transformational Parenting Masterclasses Coaching

Special Package.

Welcome To The Transformational Parenting Masterclasses Coaching.

Transformational Parenting Masterclasses : Coaching For Parents Who Want To:

  • · Raise Highly Effective and Successful Teenagers.

  • · Have Rich Relationship With Their Teenagers.

  • · Maintain A Calm Environment In Their Homes.

  • · Live A More Fulfilled Life.

You can join the Coaching Program by clicking


But Firstly, I want you to see everything you get when you JOIN Transformational Parenting Masterclasses Coaching.


  •  The full Transformation Parenting Masterclasses Coaching Program and portal that takes you through all the strategies, skills and tools that have helped hundreds of parents help thousands of their teenagers and young people become highly effective teenagers.

  • 8 modules that walk you through fundamental skills and strategies.

  • Complete pdf scripts with examples of handling specific situations. If you love learning by example this is pure platinum!

  • Managing yourself and leading by example…You will have reflective tools with which you assess yourself (Remember that this is not an opportunity to bash yourself) but to reflect on progress.

  • Supportive network where you can commune and communicate with the community and problem solve together…it’s fun!!!

  • You can also ask questions on the Ask Angie and have them responded to whether publicly for all to benefit or, privately if sensitive details are present.

  • You will have transcripts of all training videos if you like reading.

  • Audio files if like me, you like listening, they are great when you are driving or strolling.

  • 6 weeks weekly live coaching calls with me - These are so powerful because you not only get a chance to ask your question, but you hear the questions and answers from your fellow Transformational Parents.

  • A year of membership in the Transformational Parenting Community.

  • Replays of any missed coaching calls so you can catch up in times when you miss…I know parenting is a busy time.


If for any reason you feel hesitant, please
contact for a personalised discussion.


It is our intention to give you value that exceeds your expectations.
Additionally, we offer a 7 Day Money Back Guarantee. Such that, if you
feel the sessions are not for you for whatever reason, we will understand, still love you and welcome you another time.
We love working with parents who are willing and choosing to learn and improve the quality of life for both themselves, their teenagers and their family.

So, Go Ahead . Join a Strong, Supportive and Safe community of parents– Transformational  Parents.

Click The Join Us Today Button. Invest In YOUR FAMILY'S WELL-BEING.

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