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Conquer Teen Procrastination:
A FREE 3-Day Workshop For Frustrated Parents of Teenagers Who Are Tired Teen's Procrastination Woes!
If You're Absolutely Ready To Help Your Teen Conquer Procrastination And Stop Dragging Downhill So They Can Thrive & Succeed- CLICK HERE- Register For The FREE Workshop.

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Like many parents of teens, YOU are here because 

You're you tired of watching your teenager (whom you love and want the best for) struggle with procrastination problems.

You want a practical and proven solution to help them break free from this negative cycle that's sabotaging their life, and is painful for you to watch.


Look no further!

The "Conquer Teen Procrastination" 3-day workshop is specifically designed for parents like you who are ready to take action and empower their teens to overcome procrastination in a long-lasting way.

What You Will Gain & Why Must You Absolutely Attend, As A Caring Parent.


Confidence: You'll be empowered with the knowledge and skills that will make you feel competent to effectively guide your teen through the challenges of procrastination.

AND Believe Me You Can Do This!


Connection: A strengthening of your bond with your teenager will happen as you work together to overcome obstacles and achieve common goals - This is one of the most soul satisfying feeling. I know this personally as a parent of teens.


Peace of Mind: Experience relief and the joy of knowing that you've equipped your teen with the tools they need to thrive academically, personally, socially & professionally -Now and in the future. What Better Legacy Can You Pass Down To Your Teen Than The Gift Of Self-Efficacy?

WHAT To Expect AT The Workshop & WHY It's A No Brainer To Join

  • Expert Guidance: Learn FREE from world renowned adolescent psychologist who understands the psychology behind procrastination and has helped countless teens transform their habits, and empowered parents of teens to effectively support their teens.

  • Interactive Energetic Workshop: Engage in hands-on activities that elaborate the root causes of procrastination and learn simple effective strategies to implement immediately for instantaneous results.

  • Supportive Community: Connect with other parents just like you and I who share your concerns and aspirations, and gain valuable insights and encouragement from their experiences combined with current research.

  • Practical Tools: Walk away with actionable techniques and resources that you can immediately apply straightway to support your teen's journey towards greater productivity and success.

I’m Angela Karanja, world-renowned parenting teenagers expert and adolescent psychologist and a mother of teen.(Smile because whatever you are going through I've been through and still go through.I help parents of teenagers raise highly effective and mentally healthy teenagers without losing their minds.


Proactive parents of teens like you who acquire the skills & strategies that I will be teaching in this workshop are not only able to eradicate teen disrespect and disconnection, they connect with their teenagers at deeper levels, become massively influential to their teenagers and literally reclaim their leadership role as parents.

Inevitably, these parents raise HIGHLY EFFECTIVE TEENAGERS in today's fast changing & challenging world.

No Doubt You Are Aware Of These Negative Outcomes If Parents Don't Help Their Teens Conquer Procrastinating


Academic Struggles: Procrastination can lead to missed deadlines, lower grades, and increased stress. Don't let procrastination sabotage your teen's academic success!


Time Management Woes: Procrastination breeds inefficiency and poor time management skills. Teens struggle to balance school, extracurriculars, and personal life, leading to burnout and overwhelm.


Missed Opportunities: Delaying tasks can result in missed opportunities for growth and achievement. Whether it's college applications, career aspirations, or personal goals, procrastination can hold your teen back from reaching their dreams.

But Because You're About To Attend This Workshop & Get Skills That Help Your Teen Stop Procrastinating, You Don't Have To Worry About These Negative Outcomes........Instead You'll Be Able To Help Your Teen...

 Identify underlying causes of procrastination

 Cultivate effective time management skills

Foster a proactive mindset for success immediately and longer term 


My Me Moment. (FREE) A POWER PACKED PIECE with brain calming music and powerful empowering affirmations. The QUICK PICKUP every parent of teens needs to NAVIGATE OVERWHELMENT! (WORTH $147).

A ONCE IN A LIFETIME Opportunity To Jump Backstage With Me For VIP Q&A sessions - (WORTH $449 PER SESSION).

A Super-Special 4th Day Bonus Session - (FREE) - (WORTH $197)

Here's Amanda's Testimonial - LinkedIn

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Meet Your Host For The Workshop.
Angela Karanja is a world renowned parenting teenagers' expert & adolescent psychologist;- the founder of Raising Remarkable Teenagers. If you want to raise Respectful & Highly Effective teenagers whilst maintaining Optimum Mental Wellness & Building Resilience, Angela is your friend and mentor!
By blending psychological, scientific and spiritual strategies into simple ACTIONABLE STEPS,  I communicate with my Soul & Smile to empower YOU to take ACTION on the INFORMATION and achieve TRANSFORMATION for YOU & YOUR family. 
Yes! You too, like many other parents of teens from around the world can experience that TRANSFORMATION - enjoy harmony and wholeness whilst raising remarkable teenagers.

And just FYI - I'm the Royal Family Parenting Expert & Commentator.
I truly urge you to take that proactive step and join this FREE workshop HERE. 

Here are places you will see or hear your host Angela Karanja featured. 

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What other parents of teens, just like you are saying after attending our  workshops!!

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NOW Is Your Turn To Help Shape Your Teen's Future.

SAY YES To Your Teen Conquering Procrastination.


 But YOU don't pay at all -- The LIVE Masterclasses are FREE!

At Raising Remarkable Teenagers we are big givers and believe sharing is caring and no parent of teen need be left in the dark struggling because of lack of credible information.



And that's why we want to help you help your teen!

Again here's what you are getting access to.

  1. 3-DAY Main Sessions (WORTH OVER $679 - FREE)

  2. My Me Moment. (FREE) (WORTH $147).

  3. An Opportunity To Hang Out Backstage With Me For 3 Sessions For Q & A VIP sessions - (Usually WORTH $449 PER SESSION).

  4. A Super-Special 4th Day Bonus Session - (FREE) - (WORTH $397)



Conquer Teen Procrastination Free Workshop
II'm Ready To Attend The Event From The Comfort Of My Own Space.

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