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A Signed Copy Of The Book SMUGGLED

A Signed Copy Of The Book SMUGGLED


Get A Signed Copy Of The Book SMUGGLED. £27





What's The Story About?

How a Talent Trip turned into a Trafficking Trip - Whoosh! - just like that she was gone!


Tuliana was 14 and had lived in her home country of Kenya with different people, in different places, at different times, for as long as she could remember. Then, out of the blue, she was ushered onto a plane with a group of teenagers and flown out of Kenya.

At a London airport she was separated from the group and whisked off in a car. Her experiences after this were creepy: she didn’t know where she was, or why.

Firstly, she was delivered to a home where she was grossly mistreated. Then to another where she wasn't treated badly but she definitely didn't belong. Finally, to another where she was treated really well - yet enslaved. In all those homes she was a slave - a modern day child slave.

Tuliana’s teen friend, Jonathan, whom she met on the plane during this Talent Trip was painfully worried. On returning to Kenya, Jonathan went to extremes to try find her – literally sacrificed his privileged life as a son of a British diplomat. He was thrown out of his family and the country and shipped back to live with his paternal grandparents in England.

Being kicked out only increased his motivation and efforts to find Tuliana. Jonathan mobilised teenagers from all over the world to join his “Operation Find Tuliana” campaign. The campaign picked momentum fast and began unsettling government systems. Teenagers were asking deep penetrating questions, demonstrating and disrupting status quo and stirred world leaders to STOP and LISTEN as teenagers demanded for ACTION not just TALK.

This campaign ignited bravery and vigilance among regular citizens who raised concerns and reported suspicious cases which led to the discovery of numerous children who were being exploited and abused up and down the country. Some children were living as full-fledged slaves, others as part times slaves - all, modern-day child slaves.

Tuliana was also unearthed having been illegally adopted in a supposedly “good family” but nevertheless a slave- the Cash cow for this family’s business.

If you are looking for psychological thriller packed full of suspense and tension that tackles the social issue of child trafficking, modern-day child slavery and abuse, told in the language of teenagers who have been victims of trafficking and those observing but can no longer stand and do nothing, then SMUGGLED is the book you want to read, plus buy one for your teen and your local library.

What's even better is that, with this book; SMUGGLED you get a FREE TICKET to our Workshop - WISDOM to SPOT, COURAGE to STOP. (Worth over £667 BUT free for YOU with this book.)


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