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Understanding The Developing Adolescent Brain and ADHD

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

These conversations are brought to you by adolescent psychologist and parenting teenagers expert Angela Karanja here at Raising Remarkable teenagers.

The topic is Understanding The Developing Adolescent Brain and ADHD, an informative, heartfelt and fun conversation with Dr Bethany Cook

I encourage you to watch this video. You will be informed, encouraged and empowered. I just couldn't get enough picking Doctor B's brains.

And she'd got her own learning disability story to tell you.

If you prefer to listen on podcast scroll down and do so.

Dr B educates us on the the developing adolescent brain and ADHD.

What really ADHD is, how it looks like, what you can do to support your young person and how Dr B can support you..

- Brain Development: Typical Brain vs ADHD Brain. The Hunter and Farmer Analogy

- What is ADHD?

-Should I Get My Kid Tested and why and how might this be helpful.?

-What Do the Tests Teach Me?

Dr B discusses the teen's brain processing speed, working memory, impulse control, attention span etc.. She talks about teen's learning style and how ADHD impacts this process.

Differential Diagnosis: Is my kid depressed, stressed, anxious, ADHD or all of the above?

Dr B shared so much but has so much more and I would encourage you to contact her for more personalised support.

To listen to the podcast click play podcast below.

For any further information, questions and clarifications please contact Dr Bethany Cook

The ideas expressed in this interview topic Understanding The Developing Adolescent Brain and ADHD are purely for advisory only and you should contact the Dr Bethany Cook for any clarifications and further directives.

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