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Parenting Teenagers Successfully = Taking Action On Correct & Credible Information = Transformation.

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

In this age of information, most of us think we know. Well, and you can say yes we do know; because we have information.

But let me ask this one question;- why is it that so many parents know so much yet so many families especially those with teens have weak connections and broken bonds with their young people?

Research continuous to show us that 40% of our teens are lonely. Terrifying!!! Between you and I, one of our teens is lonely.....SCARY YEAH? IT DOES SCARE ME.

Yes, A SCARY THOUGHT that our teenagers live with us, in our own homes, yet they are lonely. And as researchers and psychologists, we know that when teens are lonely, they are very vulnerable. Veeeery vulnerable.

Now, let's leave the scary statistics out for a moment and go back to the topic of information.

Let me ask you these 3 quick questions:

In this day of information overload;

  1. Is your source of information credible?(where are you getting information on parenting teenagers?)

  2. If the info is credible, are you putting this information into action?(without acting on the correct strategies for parenting teenagers, there can be no transformation.)

  3. Have you go got a mentor empowering you and cheering you on to implement the information you have?(to attain massive success in anything a mentor and coach is necessary.)

Listen to this short speech below and discover how any of us can get trapped in the cycle of "more information no action" and how it can lead to broken bonds with our teens....Most importantly though, what you can do to snap out of that trap and begin to Build Strong Bonds With Your Teenager Based On Honesty & Trust, So They Actually Want To Listen To You.

Send me feedback on this quick video that I did live.

The good, the bad and the ugly - all are welcome.

Raising Remarkable Teenagers blog is owned by Angela Karanja the creator of The Strong Bond Blueprint - The Game Changing Program that shows you as a parent of teen how to build strong bonds with your teenager based on honesty and trust, so they actually want to listen to you.

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