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5 Financial Literacy Activities To Keep Your Kids Busy At Home During The Pandemic.

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

This article is by Kids & Teens' financial literacy expert as featured on Disney Radio - Amanda van der Gulik

5 Financial Literacy Activities To Keep Your Kids Busy At Home During The Pandemic

Are your kids bored and driving you crazy during this quarantine?

Would you like to find a productive way to keep your kids busy during this pandemic while empowering your child with financial literacy skills that will last them a lifetime?

If so, then today I'm going to give you 5 financial literacy activities that you can do, at home, with your child or teen during social distancing quarantine.

If you're like most parents dealing with having your kids at home right now, while also trying to work from home to stay safe, life has gotten very interesting, to say the least. It would be so easy to just let our kids watch TV, or YouTube videos or playing video games all day long. But as this pandemic goes on, I know you really don't want to have your child on a device all day long.

I also know that you are busy, that you are trying to juggle keeping your family safe and sane, plus finding a way to pay the bills. That's why I want to help you today with 5 fun and easy activities to help you empower your child and give them something productive to do to keep them busy while also preparing your child for a happy and financially abundant future.

The following 5 financial literacy activities will help you and will inspire your child to be smart with their money, to become a true money master and to know that it's actually fun to learn how to manage money and make it work for them rather than always having to work hard for their money.

The 5 Financial Literacy Activities Will Teach Your Child:

· how to set goals that motivate them to take control of their finances

· how to dream big and create a plan to make their dreams actually come true

· how to take responsibility in your family to feel proud to help around the house during this pandemic

· how to get creative and find unique ways to make money from home and so much more!

The 5 Financial Literacy Activities for kids and teens.

1. Motivate Your Child Through SMART Goal-Setting

When your child has a specific goal to go after, they become highly focused and open to learning about HOW to make their goal come true! SMART Goal Setting is a tool that the Richest Entrepreneurs use to achieve their dreams.

The Steps To Do:

1. Download the FREE Goal-Setting For Families workbook

2. Brainstorm goals that your child wants to achieve this year

3. Create a Vision Board so they can SEE their goals every single day

2. Create An Allowance Chore Chart

Normally, I'm NOT a fan of giving our kids an allowance, however during the pandemic and social distancing, going out to earn money is simply not a safe option. Earning money online is, but it takes a bit more effort on your part.

So to keep it simple, and to not only motivate your child to achieving that goal they just set, but to help you with getting things done around your home, now is actually the perfect time to consider setting up a chore chart.

Teach your child the household tasks that need to get done, and take some much needed space off of your own plate!

The Steps To Do:

1. Download the FREE Allowance Secrets: To Give or Not to Give? ebook

2. Create a Chore List of all the tasks in your home.

3. Decide how much each task is worth to you.

4. Check off chores as they are accomplished

5. Pay out the earned allowance at the end of each month after tallying up the amount earned.

3. Set Up The 6 Magical Piggy Banks

Most parenting money experts will insist that we teach our kids to earn, spend and save. But they don't explain how to do that exactly! We need real financial literacy for kids, financial education tools that really work!

So I've created the 6 Magical Piggy Banks for Kids Money Management System to help your child become a master of their money.

The 6 Magical Piggy Banks

· GROW - Investment Fund

· GIVE - Donation Fund

· RAIN - A Rainy Day Fund

· LEARN - Education Fund

· GOAL - Delayed Gratification

· FUN - Immediate Gratification

The trick is to use the power of both delayed gratification and immediate gratification to inspire, motivate your child to be in control of their own finances.

The Steps To Do:

1. Set up 6 clear jars or piggy banks

2. Write down a goal for each bank and tape it to the jar.

3. Divide the money earned equally into each jar.

Videos To Watch: (Feel free to embed or link to these videos)

· The 6 Magical Piggy Banks For Kids Money System Explained

4. Brainstorm Way Your Child Can Make Their Own Money

Whether or not you decided to give you child an allowance during quarantine, now is the perfect time to sit down with your child or teen to brainstorm ideas of ways they can earn their own money, now or after the pandemic is over. What business would your child like to create? What service or product?

The Steps To Do:

1. Download the FREE 50 Money Making Ideas for Kids & Teens ebook

2. Brainstorm a list of ways to earn their own money.

3. Write down ways they can sell their service or product now and later.

4. Is there a way they could create passive income from their ideas?

5. Download Your 7 FREE Tools For Raising A Money Smart Kid or Teen

I've put together 7 FREE tools to help you teach your child about money and raise your own young entrepreneur. You can download them for a limited time, so make sure you head on over and grab these while they are still FREE! (And USE them!)

The Steps To Do:

1. Download your 7 FREE Tools For Teaching Children & Teens About Money

2. Use these tools! Don't just download and forget, use them. Now's the time to give your child the financial guidance they need to get through their own future crisis and have the knowhow to actually live the life of their dreams!

3. Grab my TCAM 2.0 (12 Month Teaching Children About Money Home Study Course) for 30 days for a $1 trial. (SAVE $953.00!) ENDING SOON!

4. Share this article with a friend. Help Angela and I empower more families, just like yours!

This is what you're getting FOR FREE Today!

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