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10 Profound Secrets That Will Turn You Into A Powerful Purposeful Parent Of Your Teenager.

Updated: Nov 20, 2021


Do ever feel helpless when your teenager’s negative behaviour is well out of order?

Do you feel lost, not knowing what to do and your parenting is challenged to the core?

Today, you are in luck because the following 10 Profound Parenting Secrets Will help you a lot, In fact I go further to claim that by practising these secrets Your Parenting Confidence is like to go as far as being Ironclad.

You are about to learn How To Be A Powerful, Purposeful Parent To Your Teenager. When you truly understand these 10 SIMPLE PROFOUND SECRETS you will develop a confidence you may not have known before. A Confidence that will eradicate the guilt and shame that comes with thinking that you are an incapable parent, or that you are failing because your teenager behaves badly..

You Will Walk With Your Head Held High.

No Shame No Guilt.

My name is Angela Karanja, child psychologist, researcher, educator and parent to many many teens.

Let’s be honest. Teenage Years Are Challenging Challenging Years...

Many parents including myself will agree on this. In fact most parents and educators regard these as some of the most trying times in their parenting.

You know those inconsolable meltdowns?

You know those terrible teenage tantrums?

The threats and “I swear down…” or

"you F$£….I will break this or that!"

Feelings of “I am not ok, I am not enough,

other people have it better…”


What we must take into account is that a lot of changes are happening in the teenage brain. Understanding these changes can help you be more compassionate and calmer towards your teenager. Which is helpful, because it models to them how to self-regulate.


Their brain is changing no question.

BUT: This should not be an excuse for bad, negative and rude behaviour.

Instead it should an optimum opportunity for learning how to manage and express feelings and thoughts. This is why we at kids kids unlimited are passionate and purposeful about supporting you in Raising Remarkable Teenagers.

We realise that changes are happening.

We also realise this as an opportunity to guard and guide teenagers in the right direction.

We realise if we don’t grab this opportunity to guard and guide teenagers in the right direction, we could be breeding a bunch of unregulated rogues.

That’s not what you want and that’s not what I want.

Now these 10 Profound Points Will Help You

Establish Your Confidence As A Powerful, Purposeful Parent.

The points are based on what YOU are responsible for as a parent, and what you are not responsible for.. When Truly Understood, these Points Will Help You Establish An Unshakable Confidence As A Powerful, Purposeful Parent. You Will Feel Exonerated From Guilt & Shame That We As Parents Feel When Our Teenagers Behave Badly.

This Shape Below Shows

What You Are Responsible For

And What You Are Not Responsible For.

Safety and security

You are responsible for protecting your teenager from harm and abuse. You are responsible for loving them unconditionally and encouraging them to love back and be kind.

You are responsible for encouraging independence and mastery, enhancing their self-esteem and efficacy, self respect and respect from others.

You are responsible for setting fair and firm boundaries and holding them accountable for any deviation from the rules and morality. Setting boundaries and consequences and communicating them clearly are parenting skills that may not come naturally to many. That is why in our program Raising Remarkable Teenagers we teach, train and empower parents to be models and mentors to their teenagers.

You are responsible for managing your emotions and behaviour. How you treat and respond to your teenager is your responsibility. Most parents respond to their teenager’s behaviour with the same fire that is thrown at them. This only tends to escalate the situation making it worse and heightening an unhealthy relationship. Other parents tend to cower under the wrath of their teenagers. They live in fear and allow teenagers behaviour to go downhill unchecked. Managing own emotions and behaviour may be skills that parents need to understand and learn that is why in our program Raising Remarkable Teenagers we teach, train and empower parents to acquire these skills and to model and mentor their teenagers.

As a parent it is your responsibility to try your level best. Seeking appropriate support is a great way of doing your best. Check our program Raising Remarkable Teenagers we teach, train and empower you to be a positive role model and mentor to your teenager.

Download this FREE ebook HERE.

Now Take A Closer Look And See What

You Are Not Responsible For

Broken Boundaries: When you have done your best and set firm and fair boundaries and then the teenager breaks them, you ought not to feel shameful or guilty. This can be hard because many parents strongly identify with their teenagers and feel like they are an extension of them. If the teenager breaks the set limits, let them face the consequences, both natural and logical and avoid rescuing them. Facing the consequences of their negative behaviour allows them to learn valuable life lessons that can only be taught that way.

This Is No Competition: Remember you are an independent person and so is your teenager and unique in their own way. So, don’t make parenting a competition with others. Don’t allow anyone make you feel worthless or a lesser parent because your teenager behaves badly. In the same breath don’t judge others and make them feel worse because of how their teenager behaves. Most parents are trying the best and at the end of the day each teenager is responsible for their own behaviour.

You Do Not Control The Teenager: Each teenager is an individual person with free will and autonomy. That’s why they have their own central nervous system and all other bodily functions and their mind. They own their thoughts, feelings and actions. We can empower and encourage them, but to attempt to control them is the biggest mistake that most parents make. You don’t want a puppet for a teenager! By attempting to puppeteer, you are denying them opportunities for self-development, growth and expansion. You can suggest ideas and then encourage negotiations. The safety and security you provide in your home should facilitate openness and the courage to contribute to negotiations concerning their well-being and wellness. In our program Raising Remarkable Teenagers we delve deeper into the words of Khalil Gibran, that our children are not our own.

Do Not Slave For Them. For the sake of keeping the peace,, many parents carrying on picking up their kids well into their young adulthood. You must never do for a teenager that which they are able to do themselves. There are situations where you can choose to do it for them, but this should be made clear that, it is their responsibility, but you are choosing to help and choosing to be kind for that one. When you pick up after them, make their beds, collect their clothes from the floor etc, you are robbing them of their opportunity to master essential life skills.

You Are Not Meant To Be A Perfect Parent: This 10th point is always the best for me. There is no perfect parent or perfect parent model for any of us to emulate. This is a mirage, they just don’t exist. So don’t pull your hair or go grey trying to be one. Just do your best and let the teenager do their best and life itself do rest.

There are however beautiful and brilliant skills that if you acquired them, you would be a more skillful and saner parent. We teach these in our 5R Series program Raising Remarkable Teenagers.

  1. Raising Respectful Teenagers

  2. Raising Responsible Teenagers

  3. Raising Resilient Teenagers

  4. Raising Robust Teenagers

  5. Raising Radiant Teenagers

We discuss the 5Rs and show you step by step how to model and mentor your teenager to be a usefully remarkable member of the society.

What I know for sure is that when teenagers acquire these five skills, any other form of success will follow easily.

  1. They are respectful therefore get along with people and are more likable.

  2. They are responsible and they therefore can be trusted.

  3. They are resilient and therefore able to handle the blows that life throw at them.

  4. They are robust therefore versatile, strong and healthy both mentally and physically.

  5. They are radiant and therefore happy and imbue their light and shine to theirs.

Your teenager can become a light to the world really!. You can help them light other people’s fires!! Inspire others to shine.

Go on!

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