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Daily Inspirational Quotes For

Successfully Parenting Teens.  

Parenting Teens can be challenging; but with a little bit of daily inspiration, motivation and support,

parents of teens can step out confidently and comfortable and successfully parent highly effective teenagers


have prepared these daily inspirational quotes to support you in your

journey to parenting teenagers successfully.

This Is Why

This Team, This Tribe

Raising Remarkable Teenagers succe

As you parent your teenager, be encouraged that no matter the struggles you are going through with your young person, you are not alone and you’ll be ok.

Take comfort, encourage and empower and know that this team, this tribe has your back.

Step out confidently and fulfil your role as a leader, influencer to you teenager, because successful parents keep going despite the struggle. 80-20

There is a part of the teenagers’ brain that craves to be affirmed and noticed,  and until this is satisfied they are not motivated to do anything.

So practise affirming your teenager  positively and often.

When you do this they respond positively.

As a leader to your teenagers, if you want cooperation, connection and calm practise affirming your teenager today

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