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Dear Employee-Centric HR Director, 

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Starts 23-25 November 12noon GMT

I know you absolutely care about your employees, BUT honestly tell me...

 Is the constant 

Struggle & Stress of Retaining GEN Z Employees

Costing you Cash & Calm?

Does the Turnover put a strain on your professional prowess, may be even dent your credibility?

Are you tired of scrambling for solutions, trying your best, only to encounter the same problem again & again- like a bad dream.

You are not alone.
Many CAPABLE & QUALIFIED Directors just like you are struggling too.......because of a particular shift within GEN Z employees!
And that SHIFT (known by very few professionals) is the exact one you'll discover during this FREE 3 DAY GEN Z RETENTION WORKSHOP.
I will share....

  • How honing on that SHIFT can help you glean the RICHES IN GEN Zs.

  • Two specific steps to undoubtedly help you increase GEN Zs Retention.

  • How improved relations can increase psychological wellbeing and stop you losing cash.

Literally, turn things around and get best ROI...EVEN IF you are feeling like all hope is lost.

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I'm Angela Karanja, world renowned Adolescent Psychologist and for over 20 years I've been helping leaders of organisations acquire certain shifts and skills so they can coherently relate with the younger generations, greatly benefit from their unique talents and gain the best Return On Investment. I help leaders understand the thinking of GEN Z EMPLOYEES thus overhaul the NASTY & COSTLY CHALLENGES and that come with HIGH TURNOVER. The GEN Z Retention Workshop® is a program based on cutting edge research which will give you a simple to use framework for GEN Z Retention.

Here's the outline of what you'll learn in GEN Z Retention Workshop®


THE ONE SHIFT, the real reason why you are losing GEN Z employees and how to you can make this shift work to your advantage, your GEN Z employees' and profit your organsisation. 


TWO SIMPLE ACTIONS to implement straightaway to increase GEN Z Retention - Research shows that if you do these 2 things, you'll bag yourself the most diligent and hardest-working group of young people ever known in over two decades.


THREE TOP FACTORS to rocket GEN Z retention, save you cash and calm and improve your ROI, and yours and your employees' overall wellbeing.


Say BYE to the feeling of frustration as if herding unmotivated, disengaged and disinterested GEN Z employees.

Say HELLO to fulfillment increased motivation, retaining best talent, having Win – Win - Win healthy relationships - and become that person - the leader that GEN Zs look up to and say - YOU changed my life - how's that for a positive legacy whilst enjoying the profession you love.

Testimonials - what others are saying about our workshops


Stop losing Cash & Calm over GEN Z Turnover & Conflict.
Watch your profits and psychological wellbeing improve from learning these simple psychological strategies of relating & retaining GEN Zs.

I look forward to seeing you at the:- 3 DAY FREE ONLINE GEN Z RETENTION WORKSHOP 23rd  - 25th NOV FOR
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