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Deeply Influence Your Teenager 3_Day Challenge.

  • 3Days
  • 9Steps
Everyone in the program will get a badge when the program ends.


Your path to saying HELLO to Influence & Respect. ✔GOODBYE to the frustration of having NO influence on your teen! ✔GOODBYE to the pain of feeling ignored. ✔GOODBYE to feeling un-heard. ✔GOODBYE to the embarrassment of being disrespected. During the 3- Day challenge you will learn strategies and skills specific for parenting teenagers that will ignite your ability to influence your teenager, and restore a deep connection with them so they actually want to listen to you, respect you and honour you. These sessions are for you if, You definitely Want To Deeply Influence Your Teen So They Actually Respect & Listen To You. You will discover 3 Bs that are the basis of whether you are respected as a parent or not. Understanding these 3 Bs and implementing them will give you the credibility and the edge to be a powerful influencer in your teen's life. Isn't that the wish of every one of us parents of a teen? Let's get learning how to deeply influence your teen so they actually respect and want to listen to you.

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