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ONLINE - 3 Days of rich content and context to help you get UNSTUCK and heal after experiencing and leaving domestic abuse. You're Finally Ready To BREAK FREE from the Post-Traumatic Distress of Spousal Abuse so you can, SHINE, Thrive & Fulfil Your Destiny! RECLAIMYOU workshop is the EASIEST Way To Catapult You From PAIN to POWER. It's time to SAY BYE to the mental anguish & Trauma Trap that's keeping you STUCK, preventing you from being your best version for yourself and your kids. Get excited because you're about to heal, shine and thrive so you can fulfil your destiny. You can Recover & Rescue Yourself from the Post-Traumatic Distress of spousal abuse, so the Trauma Doesn't Ruin Yours And Your Children's Future. Experiencing Abuse By Someone You Loved Can Leave You Traumatised, Wounded, Even Stuck - Unable To Live Your Best Life --BUT this stops today ...........................because you are about to learn How To Heal From Abuse & RECLAIMYOU. This training is worth over £690 but you access it for for ONLY £19 because you're a worthy woman who deserves to live a fulfilled life. If you've already purchased, enter your code to ACCESS. If you haven't purchased please SIGN UP HERE to GAIN ACCESS. Plus you have an opportunity to access an additional Q&A BONUS WITH ME-. WORTH £690, YOU GET TO WORK WITH ME (Renowned Psychologist & Trauma coach Angela Karanja) FOR ONLY £19 OVER 3 DAYS. TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE FOR LESS THAN THE PRICE OF A COFFEE AND CAKE PER SESSION.

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