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Congratulations, You Are Officially Registered For The FREE RECLAIM YOU CHALLENGE! More Details Are Now In Your Email.

Before you go,
Consider Taking This Workbook that's going to be ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL during the FREE CHALLENGE.

GET your Workbook for 3Day RECLAIMYOU Challenge

The perfect companion for the 3 Day RECLAIM YOU Challenge. It will help you organise your notes, thoughts and insights in one space. Easily downloadable, and an easy to follow format makes it perfect for carrying along and as a reference. Wherever you go you can reread your thoughts, notes and insights and reflect on the powerful ideas you've learnt and recorded.


  • Day-By-Day Session Breakdown: Each session is included in this workbook alongside Angela's insights on the myths surrounding spousal abuse and trauma and how to get UNSTUCK.

  • Daily Action Steps: Actions to propel you to your wonderful results of healing from trauma.

  • Reminder to recatch the Daily Session and Share Your Takeaways.

  • When you get the RECLAIMYOU  Workbook you receive a special bonus from me--- one of the most popular programs we have - UNSHAKABLE SELF CONFIDENCE BUILDER - VALUED at £360 for FREE. 

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